‘Who will take me away by breaking the key of my home’- is not it so confusing! Why Rabindranath Tagore has written key in lieu of lock!

The freedom that poets and other artists have to change facts, ignore grammar rules etc, because what they are making is poetry or art.

The oldest example of Bengali language in which Charyapada is written is known as Sandhyabhasa. Although Sandhya is not the name of any language, it has been given such a name due to incomprehensibility. In this kind of linguistics, words have two meanings – one is its general meaning and the other is its esoteric meaning. To put it more simply, in the evening, just as nature plays a game of light and darkness, so too in this language, a game of light and darkness is played. The meaning you get from reading a poem written in this language may not be the real meaning of that poem. For this reason Mahamahopadhyay Haraprasad Shastri named this language Sandhya Bhasha. According to him-

“All the books of Sahajia Dharma are written in the evening language. In the evening language means light, dark language, some light, some darkness, some can be understood, some cannot be understood. In other words, there is a different meaning in the scriptures of all these higher organs. That is not to be explained openly. Only those who do sadhana bhajan will understand that, we have no use in understanding it ”.