Portrait photography has put me in touch with a shockingly wide range of people. And I’m not just talking about models, actors, dancers, and musicians. This is all about plenty of ‘regular’ people. In fact, as much as I love portrait photography, I want to cancel every single work that I might planned to do. Portrait photography is all about people. The photos don’t have to be technically brilliant so long as you capture the essence of your subject, well, you might be laughing – after thinking that I am trying to give lesson about portrait photography. No way, it is not my intention at all, rather I would like to tell you that I am a very lazy guy and I had not learned a lot about the technicalities of photography. And hence I love capturing portraits. And I feel a good portrait photograph will tell a story about the person in it.

I think every person is unique and that is reflected in their appearance. Again, even I have found another very interesting matter in portrait photography, A person’s appearance changes completely, meaning that the person real personality does not match his picture at all, it creates a huge conflict.